The band.


The David Harleyson Powertrio is concidered one of the heaviest coverbands in Sweden.

The band  started in Norrtelje in 1999 with Lasse Gidbo on bass and vocals,

Håkan Goldbeck on guitar and backup vocals and Håkan Rangemo on drums and backup vocals.

The higher meaning of the band was to quit playing a lot of sissy no good asslicking soft songs

and instead concentrate on playing the crap out of the audience and blow them to the walls.

This by playing louder, faster, tougher and better than everybody else.

If we manage to do that is up to you to tell us!

The members have been playing in various bands for over 20 years,

so we have got lots of rutine on and off stage.

The name comes originally from Vilde Hilding, member of  Lucky Seven MC in Väckelsång

who invented it for a party we were playing at!

You can reach us from abroad by phone +46707325255 or by e-mail,

Get TDHP and have a good time at YOUR party!